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Friday, July 11, 2008

My Family Sketch Book

The Great Freedom Fighter by Archit Singh
McCain and Obama by Archit Singh
Sardar Patel by Archit Singh
Landscape: Drawn by Tanmay (age: 9 yrs) by using crayons on paper

Lord Shiva: By Tanmay (by using 4B, 2B pencils)

Obama and Hillary: by Tanmay (source: TOI)

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan: by S.P. Singh
Dragon Land by Tanmay Singh
First Water Color painting at age 9 Yrs by Tanmay
Front Cover of Tanmay's Sketch Book
Bapu: The Father of Nation by S.P. Singh

A Football Player by using color pencils and pen: by Tanmay Singh
I'm Artist: By Archit (Age: 13 yrs) by using sketch pens

A cricket Player: Source a Drawing Book of NGMA Library using ball Pen by Tanmay
My Beautiful Home: By Tanmay Singh
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam: by S.P. Singh

A Child: By S.P.Singh
Ek Phool Do Maali: by Archit Singh
A Beautiful Lady using Charcoal pencil by Tanmay Singh
Santa Singh and Lazo celebrating Baisakhi
Landscape by Archit studying in class 9th

Portrait of Tanmay Singh by S.P. Singh
Venu Teasing Ramdoss by Tanmay: Source TOI
Collage by Archit
Pencil sketch of Sushmita Sen by S.P.Singh
Beautiful Child by Tanmay

Sketching Practice by Archit Singh in 8th Std
Sri Ganeshay Namah by Tanmay in 4th std
Santa Banta in Happy moods by S.P. Singh
Indian Farmer by Tanmay: A Charcoal pencil work
An old Man by S.P.Singh


suzanne said...

love the blog, and love the art. I think it's great that you are doing this with your kids! Don't ever stop. I have a 17th month old and hope that one day she will share my passion for art and enjoy creating. I look forward to more of your posts. you can check out our world too at and

SP Singh said...

Thanks a lot suzanne. Its great to have comments from an Art lover. I wish that your baby will share your passion for Art and enjoy creating.
Thanks once again for your remarks.
I'll visit the links provided and post my comments.

Anonymous said...

the paintings are exotic, truly out of the world. continue the great work.

aryanz said...

All sketches are really very good. I really appreciate your efforts and your encouragement to your kids. Art work by Tanmay and Archit is very beautiful.

SP Singh said...

Thank you very much for appreciating my efforts. Recently I have arranged an Art Guru to teach them basics of Art and polish their talent. Presently my sons are learning Water Coloring. Keep visiting my blog, my sons shall be highly inspired by your comments. Very soon you'll see their painting Practice Works.