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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Overwhelming response on discussion posted by Archit Singh on FAA

Archit has posted a discussion about "STOP THE ABUSE, STOP THE CRUELITY, STOP THE SLAUGHTER on his profile at He is getting very good response from fellow artists. With in 10 days more than 1100 members have visited and 115 members including Mr. Charles Peck, Christine Till, Gershwin Smud, Beth Edwards, Diane Daigle, MARLENE BURNS, Skip Hunt, Barbara White, Heather Hennick, Paul Anderson, Katherine Fernie Howard, Shari Nees, Viet Tran etc have shared their ideas about this issue.

Sky Newswire Published an article on Tanmay

On 24th November 2009, Skynewswire has published an article about Tanmay's achievement.

The hyperlink of the article is mentioned below as: